Poetry Day 16 – Time For Mali

On April 23rd at 7 pm, folks are going to be in for a treat. Taylor Mali will be reading and performing at Howard Community College for the Blackbird Poetry Festival.

Mali is one of those poets that bring poetry to life. He’s funny and insightful. He’s energetic and dynamic. As a former classroom teacher of English, Mali speaks about teachers and teaching in many of his poems.  Some of his most popular poems are “Miracle Workers” (above video) and “What Teachers Make.”

When he spoke at the Two-Year College English Association Northeast Conference in Baltimore earlier this year, he talked about his travels and speaking engagements. When asked by the audience about the profession of teaching in other countries in comparison to the US, he said that in most countries you don’t see the kind of demeaning of teachers that we see often in various popular media of our country.  In many other countries, he said, teachers are valued and even admired by students, parents, and communities. Despite this regrettable fact, Mali knows the importance of teaching and the value of good teachers in the lives of children, and he is committed to a personal goal of helping 1,000 people become teachers.

If you are in or near Howard County, come support the literary-educational mission of Howard County Poetry and Literature Society and at the same time treat yourself to a bit of Mali-performance.

It’s going to be a great night.

Link to BrownPaperTickets for tickets.


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