Poetry Day 2 – and indeed she shall go anywhere

Tara J. Hart – my mentor, my colleague, my friend, and the recipient of 2011 Pushcart Prize for her poem “Patronized”. (Also – most importantly – she’s my source for hand-me-downs for my boys.)

But today I’m enjoying her poem called “This Girl at Four,” especially the last line that is full of hope and truth.

She could go anywhere.

That’s it. Isn’t it lovely?

I think I’m relating to the poem in two ways.

First is as a mom of two boys – thinking similarly about my boys’ imaginative play, their personhood, and their future – who they are and what that means about who they will become – as well as what my role is in their journey.

Second is – this will sound silly – myself as that four-year old girl. I want to believe that last line applies to me (still).  And I know that when I was four years old, my mom looked at me and thought the same for me – and THAT is what counts – it wasn’t just my own imagination that mattered but also my mom’s imagination of the girl that I could become and the girl that she could help me become.


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