year of new and unfinished businesses

I had set myself up for failure.  I made too many goals (and made them public – yikes!)  I’ll do this. I’ll do that. Oh well. I suppose these were my attempts to “control” my life – to get myself to do things that I couldn’t get myself to do.  There are books left unread. There are diet and exercise plans that never quite came together.  Yes, many failures… but really that’s okay. Perhaps my goal for 2014 should be to make fewer goals…

In 2013, the business of mothering two boys went into full gear as Thing 2 got bigger, started crawling, then walking.  He’s also had  some medical challenges with too many ear infections and food allergies. We hope to address these in 2014 and get the little guy the help he needs.  Thing 1 has been… a joy and a challenge.  He’s a fun, smart, and bright boy who challenges us with his endless questions, negotiations, and smart-ass remarks. He says absolutely the funniest things and I love it! He makes us laugh everyday.  (And he makes me mad everyday).  In 2014, as he turns 5 in February, we’ll begin taking steps toward the daunting task called kindergarten.  Scary.  More for me than for him.

In 2013, my work life took a drastic turn. Less teaching. More administrating. Not always fun. Not always joyful.  Not always uplifting.  But I have learned a lot.  In 2014, I commit to embracing my new responsibilities rather than feeling overwhelmed and complaining.

One word on my mind today: Gratitude. For all the things God gave me and all the things God didn’t give me.



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