30 Day Challenge: Me, Myself, and Food – FINAL DAY

Yay! I made it!

And by this I mean simply that 30 days have passed – by no means do I mean that I didn’t break the rules or that the challenge was an absolute success.

As a reminder, here are the rules I set forth 30 days ago.

1. No food or drink (other than water)  between 7 pm and 7 am. Nope. Not even fruits.  (This one’s gonna be really hard at first.)
2. No chips, cookies, cakes, and ice cream.
3. No sugary drinks. No sugar in coffee.
4. Document EVERYTHING I eat on this blog – pictures are great.

As for Rule #1 I was very, very good.  With the exception of fresh-baked scones out of the oven that one time and a couple of beers & some (okay, a lot) of wine time to time, I stuck to this one.  Instead of food, I drank a lot of water and sometimes herbal tea. And this is the one that I hope I can continue to stick with.

As for Rule #2, I did okay.  I had a cookie here or there. And I had frozen yogurt once or twice (or three or four times).  This really is about training my body to not crave sugar.  I hope to continue working on this.

As for Rule #3, it wasn’t so hard to avoid sugary drinks.  I switched to using Truvia for my coffee.  Today, though, I had a glass of limeade Thing 1 made. It was yummy.  This is another one that I’d like to stick with.  Sugary drinks – including fruit juices – are really a waste of calories.

As for Rule #4, this was a helpful thing to do although it did get a bit tedious.  Still, I was very aware of what I ate throughout the day.

All in all, I am motivated by the results.  I did feel better about not going to bed with my stomach full of salty or sweet foods that I consumed while working or watching TV late at night.  Throughout the day, I avoided “bad” foods because I was making conscious decisions about what I ate.  And – although this was not the primary goal of my challenge – I did drop 7 pounds.  I’ve gone down almost two sizes in my pants as well.  And while health is important, so is vanity.  So there.

One thing that I’ve learned is to be armed with healthy foods so that when I’m hungry I don’t run to the vending machine or rummage through Thing 1’s snacks.

What did I eat today?  In the morning, I ate a banana and a mini (really small, I promise – in fact, so small that Thing 1 ate 3 for breakfast this morning) chocolate croissant. Maryland crab soup – not cream based – and a slice of pound cake for lunch. There was a delicious Fuji apple for afternoon snack. THEN! Then hunger and fatigue struck around 3:30 and I grabbed a bag of Sun Chips – Harvest Cheddar flavor – from the vending machine.  Oh, really I couldn’t help it.  

Thanks to those who read these postings for the last 30 days and those who cheered me on.  I’ll be back with another 30 Day Challenge when I’ve recovered from this one.





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