30 Day Challenge: Me, Myself, and Food – Day 24

2013-05-09 12.47.06
Churro? What churro? I don’t see it!

It was a hectic morning, trying to get two back-to-back classes to complete in-class essay exams. I did manage to have banana and two cups of coffee, though, before 9:30 am.  The problem arose when I took a basket of candy to classes.  I swear I took them for my students.  I did well enough during the first class, but then I started to get hungry… and 2 little miniature pieces of Baby Ruth, 1 stick of Twizzler, and 1 miniature piece of Snickers were eaten. [Yes, I’m aware of my use of the “passive verb” here.]

To make up for my morning sins, I was making two plates of veggies in the office kitchen around lunch time. Then, just as I was putting a handful of carrots onto  my plate, a coworker walked in with a giant tray of warm, toasty churros.  It would have been rude of me to not take one.  And I felt only obligated to have another one later on – it was the polite thing to do – just to show her how delicious it was.

It didn't get me nearly as drunk as I wanted
It didn’t get me nearly as drunk as I wanted

Then, to make matters worse – right around 3 pm – I realized that I didn’t have any fruits to snack on.  I discovered a piece of Jose Cuervo flavored chocolate rolling around in my desk drawer.  And yes I ate it.  (Note – this was a chocolate that was given to me some months ago by the same coworker who brought the churros today.  I wonder if she’s trying to sabotage my efforts here. Months ago, she knew that one day when I’m trying to work through a 30 day challenge, I’d come across this piece of chocolate.  Devious!)

OR – and this is probably more likely – maybe I’m being lax about the whole thing now that the challenge is about to end in a few days.

Still, I’m NOT eating after 7 pm.  Even last night, when I came across a bowl of fish cake soup sitting on the kitchen counter right around 11 pm and it was just so tempting to eat it instead of wrapping it up and putting in the fridge… I did not give in. Maybe I’m not completely hopeless.




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