Sedaris does it again – onto Graver

I am so sad that David Sedaris‘s new book – Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls – was devoured in just about a week.  My only solace for now is that Hubby purchased the audiobook version on Audible so I will look forward to listening to that.

Last October, I was lucky enough to attend a Sedaris reading.  I was very pregnant with Thing 2.  When I made it to the book-signing table, he told me (among other things), “You should name your baby Congressman. Wouldn’t that be cool?  His name would be Congressman Yoo.  Think about it.”  I don’t know why we didn’t take this advice.

2012-10-23 22.58.51

2012-10-23 22.59.02

Reading Sedaris’s book has gotten me back in the habit of reading at night before bed time, so for that I’m especially grateful to him (and for making me laugh out loud many nights this week).  I will next open up The End of the Point by Elizabeth Graver – it was a birthday gift from a dear friend.

Maybe – just maybe – my plan to read 12 books in 12 months will not be a complete failure.  I do have 8 months to read 11 books.  I could do it.  I will just have to find some really short books.


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