30 Day Challenge: Me, Myself, and Food – Day 20

Korean food is so... red.
Korean food is so… red.

It was a Korean leftover food kind of day.  The above was breakfast. You can imagine how much “redder” lunch and dinner got. Yum. I did also eat awful lot of raspberries.  On the other hand, Thing 1 barely ate anything today – he had a tummy ache all day (except during the couple of hours we went to play outside – he was fine then): a hard-boiled egg, almond milk, a few raspberries, 2 apple sauce, and like 3 bites of ramen noodles.  He even refused cookies and crackers.

He did drink a big cup of lemonade.  He loves to “make” lemonade (the frozen kind), so we made a pitcher this afternoon. It was so tempting to drink it after a long day of gardening and being outside with the boys. But I drank iced black coffee instead (yay me!) – just as refreshing. I finished dinner around 6;30 and I was just about to get some strawberries and grapes out for dessert.  But then Thing 2 woke up from his nap prematurely and was not happy – so I ended up holding him in the rocking chair for almost an hour – I never got to my fruit-desserts.  (By the way, Thing 1 does not count fruit as dessert.) I missed my window of opportunity.

But do not feel sorry for me, Dear Reader.  I more than made up for it by having a beer with Hubby after the kids were asleep and all the chores were done.  Alcohol doesn’t count as “food” – does it?  Well, it was a light beer anyway.

fresh raspberries
fresh raspberries

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