30 Day Challenge: Me, Myself, and Food – Day 18

Oh today was good. Really good.

It was “boring” enough during the day – egg whites with veggies and cheese along with coffee for breakfast; Maryland crab soup for lunch (although the little oyster crackers I put in the soup was probably not so great); and raw veggies with humus for snack.

But then came dinner.  Oh dinner.  I had the bright idea of going to Honey Pig with my family and my parents in-law.  We had beef brisket and pork ribs grilled right at the table.  Hubby and Mother-in-law also enjoyed some beef intestine – I can’t seem to eat that stuff because it’s too chewy.  And because… you know… it’s beef intestine! Usually it’s a fight to get Thing 1 to eat enough at dinner, but even he enjoyed a hearty meal of beef brisket and rice.  And as for our Thing 2 – he was an angel: He fell asleep as soon as the food came out.  He may not sleep at night but he sure sleeps at most opportune times when we are out and about.

Then, because we promised Thing 1 dessert, we went to Yogi Castle. And I know what you, Dear Reader, is thinking: Fine, you had to go, but did you HAVE to eat it?  Well, yes I did. I ate a little bit of the plain tart yogurt with toppings of fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi) and mochi bits. So. Delicious.

The thing about dinners is this.  I don’t eat it by myself at my desk, in a rush between meetings, or while reading/writing emails.  For many of us lucky people, we get to enjoy dinner with friends and family, and often at the end of a long day being comforted by their company and the delicious foods is one of the best joys of life.  Seriously.  There is something special about “breaking bread” with loved ones – and it’s even better when that “bread” is not just bread but pork ribs!

[I was so busy enjoying dinner that I forgot to take pictures tonight.  And of course you’ve seen plenty pictures of my plates of veggie.]



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