30 Day Challenge: Me, Myself, and Food – Day 15

Half way there. Day 15.

This morning, I ran out the door with my Vera Bradley lunch tote filled with my foods for the day- apple, carrots & broccoli, humus, string cheese, and coffee. Everything very healthy… except… there was one bad thing: Peanut Butter Nekot Cookies.

Peanut Butter Nekot Cookies

Only a genius could have come up with this combination of deliciousness. If you’ve never had this before, you have to try it.

So, you’re asking, “Where did that even come from?”  Some time ago, Hubby had gone to Costco and bought a gigantic variety box of Lance crackers.  Access is a big problem.  [This is why of course we should not even keep “bad” foods in the house.]

So that’s that.  Honestly I don’t regret eating it, though. If you tried it, you wouldn’t regret it either… and wouldn’t blame me for eating it. Yup. It’s that good.

[Also, Hubby and I were wondering how you pronounce “Nekot”.  Does it sound like “naked”?  Anyone know?]

Today, I was so busy going from class to another class to a meeting to another meeting then to another meeting… I did not have time to walk over to the cafeteria to get lunch.  So I ended up eating a plate of veggies during one of my meetings: a tomato, some carrots and broccoli with humus, and a string cheese.  So, the trick is – stay so busy that you don’t have time to get your hands on bad foods.  If you’re hungry enough, you will enjoy carrots dipped in humus.

I’ve been doing fairly well with avoiding food after 7 pm.  I am drinking chamomile tea and a lot of water when I get a craving for something sweet or something salty while I work or watch TV with Hubby.  So far, this is the one rule I have not broken. Yay me!

The last 15 days have been interesting. To be honest, not has hard as I thought it would be.  But it certainly has been eye-opening as I become more aware of my eating habits.


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