30 Day Challenge: Me, Myself, and Food – Day 12

This morning, I woke up feeling and looking like someone who drank a bottle of wine the night before.  Well, that’s because I drank a bottle of wine the night before.  For someone who drinks once out of blue moon and someone who doesn’t drink wine regularly, one bottle is… deadly.

As I kept saying today, I feel like crap but I don’t regret it.  Once Thing 1 and Thing 2 were asleep, Hubby and I sat out on the deck, drank wine, and talked until past 1 in the morning. We rarely have time to talk (mainly thanks to a very chatty Thing 1 who does not stop talking or asking questions), so an evening like last night was very special.  (No, I did not get to read Sedaris, but that’s okay.)
With a wine-hangover, I managed to get through Day Out with Thomas at the B & O Railroad Museum with the boys and Hubby (who was equally miserable because he, too, drank a bottle of wine).  In fact, we had a lot of fun!  Tonight, though, I’m going to bed early. As soon as the boys are tucked in, I’m tucking myself in bed with Sedaris.


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