30 Day Challenge: Me, Myself, and Food – Day 11


Yup. It’s 9 pm and I’m having wine. But really I don’t count alcohol as food. Besides, drinking before 7 pm is not a good idea when you have Thing 1 who is 4 and Thing 2 who is 5 months old.

This is what a wonderful Friday night looks like…

It’s been one hell of a week, and I really needed a glass of wine.  The first one we opened –  a bottle of Raven Wood, which we love – was no good (had gone bad), so we poured it out and opened the Kendall Jackson. Really, life is too short to drink bad wine – and I’m saying that as someone who knows little to nothing about wine.

One reason I titled this challenge “Me, Myself, and Food” is that while it may seem that the battle is between food and me… I think we all know that the battle is between “Me” and “Myself.”  Duh!

There is “Me” who is reasonable, educated, logical, and health-conscious.  This “Me” says, “Of course, you don’t want to eat a bucket of fried chicken.  Yes, grilled chicken breast is good.”  But then there is “Myself” that likes to rationalize bad behaviors with words like, “Well, I can’t be perfect, can I?” or “I work so hard. I deserve this giant slice of chocolate cake. Every night.” You know, this bad version of me says things like “It’s been one hell of a week…”

When the two go to war and I don’t have a plan, then “Myself” always wins.  But when I have a plan “Me” can win.  That’s why the last 11 days has been more or less a success.  I had a battle plan – not against food but against myself that likes to rationalize and justify eating bacon & egg sandwich for breakfast, pizza for lunch (well I always eat a little salad with it), and Chinese takeout for dinner.

Food is just the innocent bystander. Really.

My confession for today – We did Chinese takeout tonight. Peking duck and Happy Family.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I ain’t sorry!  (Well, I may be sorry when I wake up tomorrow morning feeling bloated or my face all puffy from the sodium and grease. But oh well.)

Now the wine. I’m a little tempted to have some cheese and crackers, but I’ll skip the food.  Instead I will enjoy a bit of Sedaris while I drink my wine.


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