30 Day Challenge: Me, Myself, and Food – Day 10

Lesson learned last night?

Don’t watch Food Network at night – especially an episode of Chopped featuring the famous chef-judges – when you’re trying to avoid food after 7 pm. Last night, I could not stop thinking about pan seared scallops.

Today I have something else on my mind – and that is LUNCH.

“A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety” is a quote from Aesop.

Most of my colleagues and I eat lunch at our desks, alone in our separate offices, and generally as we continue to work.  Okay, so lately I’ve been eating plates of veggies for lunch.  Still, how much lovelier would it be if I could eat it at a proper table with no computer screen in front of me?  Maybe if I had company, the plate of veggies would taste like a plate of fried chicken.  No? Okay, probably not. Still, the veggies would be tastier with friendly colleagues to enjoy them with.

In a very busy modern life, often meals are rushed. I usually eat my banana in the car on the way to work or at my desk as I get ready for class in the morning. Lunch is eaten alone in front of the computer, usually as I grade papers or write emails. A typical weekday dinner is very simple, consisting of pre-prepared foods or leftover.  Sometimes it’s delivery or takeout.  Most of the time, we eat in chaos – a needy Thing 1 and a crying Thing 2 means a lot of noise and distractions.  Now and then, Hubby and I have to take turns eating.  Having a conversation about the day with Hubby over dinner? Forget about it.

I want to enjoy my meals. [Maybe in a few years when the children are older?]

Many workplaces have lounges for employees where they can eat their lunch, but we don’t have anything like that.  I could eat in the cafeteria along with students, but it’s so noisy and crowded that it’s not relaxing.  Because there isn’t one place where people go to eat, if we want company for lunch we have to arrange to meet somewhere, which is difficult to do when we’re all so busy. Of course physical space is in high demand on our growing (and exploding) campus and we don’t even have enough offices for all of our faculty. So getting a space for lounge is next to impossible.

Any suggestions how we might collectively improve lunch time at work?

Foods consumed today: Banana, coffee x 2, apple, ham & salami on wheat toast, spear of pickle, some carrots and broccoli with humus for snack, string cheese, and half of a Chipotle chicken burrito (minus the tortilla).  And there is the plate of cheese and grapes that I so wanted… but couldn’t eat.  See below.

And here is a picture of a plate of cheese and grapes I prepared right before Thing 2 started crying. By the time he was soothed it was way past 7 pm. So I wrapped it up and put it in the fridge for tomorrow. Now that’s what I call commitment!

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