30 Day Challenge: Me, Myself and Food – Day 9

veggies and orange for lunch – Korean food for dinner

Breakfast was banana and coffee as usual. Lunch was – as you can see in the picture – veggies with hummus and an orange. Also, I enjoyed a yogurt at some point during the day, but I can’t seem to remember exactly when this happened. It was such a busy day – one meeting after another after another…  Dinner was prepared by Mom – rice, radish kimchi, cabbage kimchi sauteed with mackerel, and two kinds of roots (one spicy and one in soy sauce).  I like this kind of Korean food – a lot of vegetables, fish, and roots.  She also added beans to the rice – this helps me eat less rice.

Since last night, I’ve been craving good bad foods. I saw the most tempting commercial for pizza ever – I never knew pizza could look so lovely and beautiful.  Seriously I could kill for some Chinese food.  Tonight, Hubby and Thing 1 did McDonald’s drive-thru while I was out with Thing 2 at my mom’s.  They had chocolate milk shake!  A friend reminded me that today is local TCBY’s $1 waffle cone Wednesday – I thought for a minute, “Well, TCBY is really frozen yogurt… not ice cream.” Then I quietly yelled at myself for trying to be sneaky. Forget what I said about Chinese food. I could kill for some frozen yogurt in a giant waffle cone. Temptation is EVERYWHERE!

As I learned on Sunday, being prepared is my best weapon against throwing “bad” food into my body.  On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store to replenish my ammo – eggs whites, cheeses, bananas, whole grain bread, turkey hotdogs, and tomatoes.  Tomorrow is another busy day, and I hope I can stick to the foods I pack and not be tempted by the delicious bad foods that people bring to work to share with colleagues – so nice of them.  (One day soon I will write more about this phenomenon.)

For fun, check out this list of “24 Best Quotes about Food.” One of my favorites – “We all eat and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly” – Anna Thomas.


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