30 Day Challenge: Me, Myself, and Food – Day 8

What a day.

Nearly swallowed a banana whole for breakfast as I ran out the door and rushed to meet one of the longest days of my life.

No time for lunch.  I hate ate some carrots, broccoli, a string cheese, and an apple during a meeting.*  It sounds like a long list of food… but my stomach says, “I’m starving!”

For snack, I had a yogurt as I was talking to a student about his paper.  Now I’m enjoying a cup of black coffee as I wrap up the day at the office before I leave for my other full-time job: mothering.

My mom, who is watching Thing 2 at our house, is probably making dinner and most likely it will be a Korean fare (which I almost always prefer over American food).  Thank God for moms!

Yup. That’s how tired I am.

I’m writing today’s report now because I don’t want to get on the computer when I get home tonight.  I want to eat dinner, enjoy time with my boys, catch up on The Following, and hopefully go to bed early (and by early I mean before midnight).  Today, I’m not feeling very inspired and I don’t have any epiphanies or lessons to share with my Dear Reader.

I’m pooped. Just plain old pooped. [Let’s hope for more inspiration tomorrow…]

*Honestly, I keep mistyping “ate” and end up typing “hate.”  I think it’s my brain dropping hints…


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