30 Day Challenge: Me, Myself, and Food – Day 3

Breakfast: Banana. Coffee.

Snack: Apple.

Lunch: Salad. Yogurt.

Snack: Tall double nonfat latte . (It was so very tempting to get a snack at Starbucks but I saw that even the cheese and fruit snack package was 480 calories. Before this challenge, I would have grabbed a scone with my latte. I would have bought one of those little delicious tubes of dark chocolate almonds with sea salt. Love those.)

Dinner: BUFFET!  But I was pretty good. Raw oysters, raw clams, steamed shrimp, sashimi, sauteed squid, and green beans & edamame. Then I ate a plate of fruits.  Drank water and green tea. I skipped the ice cream, the cheese cake, the chocolate, and the banana cake…

Today our family had some good news.  And my immediate reaction was “celebrate!”  My husband called me right away and asked what I wanted to eat for dinner.  It’s so natural… and yet so strange if you think about it… how some of us turn to food for reward.  This is the kind of thing I want to address during the challenge – even if I can’t completely change a habit like this, I want to be aware of it and think about it.  Again, not so much the calories and the pounds but my overall relationship with food.

Still, the buffet place is where I wanted go, so we went.  And we all had a good time – I ate only what I wanted to eat.  (Although as Hubby reminds me… I ate a basically all-protein dinner with all the seafood so my stomach seems to be working over time digesting it all and I feel a little uncomfortable right now.)

salad for lunch – buffet for dinner
what I did NOT eat – but Son definitely enjoyed it for sure!



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