30 Day Challenge: Me, Myself, and Food – Day 2

Last night, I was successful in not eating anything while watching The Following (is anyone else watching this crazy show?) and surfing the web.  (Both boys were in bed by 9 pm, so really I should have gone to bed like a sensible mom of two children would have when she had the chance.  Maybe another thing to work on – get more sleep!)

The day started with two cups coffee, two eggs, and a banana. Carrots and string cheese for snack. Chicken salad on wheat and water for lunch. I had to meet someone for coffee so I had a double tall latte with skim. Yum. Yogurt for snack. Fish, leftover squid from last night, and various kimchi along with rice (cooked with black beans) for dinner. And with 6 minutes left til 7 pm, I quickly chowed down enjoyed an apple as “dessert”.  Okay – this sounds like a lot of food…

Even as I am listing and thinking about all the food I ate throughout the day, I’m also thinking about the Dove Real Beauty campaign video – which showed how hard women are on ourselves about the way we look. Like most women around the world, I need to work on allowing myself room to feel beautiful for who I already am and what I already look like.  So I’m adding another rule to my little plan for the next 28 days: I will not weigh myself until the challenge is over. I do not want to obsess over the number going up and down on the scale – I want to focus on health and feeling healthy (light and energized, I hope).

today's snacks
today’s snacks
lunch – chicken salad on wheat and yum-o water
double tall latte with skim – this was an unforeseen and unplanned little treat

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