1 book in 2 days?

Oh my gosh.  It’s January 29th. I have not read A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  That’s a lie: This afternoon, I read the directions for setting up my new Keurig in my office. And thanks to that, the blood in my veins is slowly being replaced by coffee.

My goal of reading 12 books in 12 months of course should mean 1 book for each month.  Perhaps this was  not a practical goal for a working mom of a 4- year old and a 2-month old.

The only regularly scheduled “recreational” activity I can manage is watching Downton Abby on Sunday nights. I’m behind 3 weeks on Grey’s Anatomy, 2 weeks on Modern Family, and 1 week on The Following.  Of course, I would never get behind on Downton: “Yeah, it’s that important.” [See video below.]

I guess what I’m saying is… If I’m too tired to watch TV, then I’m too tired to read a book.  Or is that a cop out?  Maybe so.

I can’t read a book in 2 days.  But I will not give up my goal: I still have 11 months to read 12 books.  How hard can it be? [Famous last words!?!?]


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