mccann or peppa pig?

Well, it’s January 6th and I have not read a single word.  It’s been a busy week – with a sick husband I’ve been living the last few days bleary eyed from being on baby duty every night (kudos to all single moms and dads who do it on their own). I also committed 3 hours to a shopping trip, determined to find alternatives to my maternity leggings and nursing shirts.

My unopened copy of Let the Great World Spin, unfinished copy of Windup Bird Chronicle, and my Kindle on the coffee table keep staring at me.  I feel guilty for mindlessly watching Doc McStuffin and Peppa Pig with my 3-year old instead of picking up a reading.  Watching Little Bill – though a thoughtful and smart kids show – is much easier than opening the door to a grownup fictional world.

I will need to come up with a concrete plan if I’m to keep this 2013 resolution.  Thoughts?


One thought on “mccann or peppa pig?

  1. I say, ditch McCann and indulge in Peppa Pig. As there is a time for everything and a season for every event, I would fill your reading list with classic and modern literature for children and save existential tragedies and North Korean stories for another time. When Sammy gets older, he may not be so willing to read the books you pick out for him.

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