12 books – 365 days

My 3-year old son loves to watch TV.  He could watch TV all day long from 8 am when he wakes up ’til 8 pm when he goes to bed.  Some days, he does just that.  He also has more toys than he knows what to do with (and maybe that’s the problem), not to mention a laptop on which he watches shows on Netflix and his brand new InnoTab on which he “reads” books and plays games.

Still, he enjoys reading books so much.  If I can give him the attention – which is not always easy to do especially now with a newborn baby – he would ask me to read book after book after book…  Sometimes I see him stumbling upon a book by accident and becoming engrossed in it.

I see him devouring the pictures on each page.  It’s like he doesn’t want to miss a thing!  He relates his own experiences to the stories.  When Franklin (the turtle) stomps to his room because he’s mad at his little sister, my son says, “That’s not nice, right?  I don’t do that!”  When Dinosaur refuses to go to bed, he says, “Sometimes I don’t like to go to bed.”

I wondered about how along the way many of us lose interest in reading, in books.  For me these days, I have many distractions.  It’s easier to read short status updates on Facebook.  It’s more entertaining and easier to click on a website and read a short blog or an article on current events – some of which are purely “eye” candy.  Often I read these things only to pass the time.  I’m not sure much of it “stays” with me.

It’s been a few months since I picked up and book.  I have a stack on my bedside table that I’ve been meaning to tackle – including Let the Great World Spin, which I need to read before next March when Colum McCann comes to read (check out HoCoPoLitSo’s Irish Evening).

There is nothing quite like getting immersed in a book, in a world created by a skilled writer.  I blame “not having enough time,” but I know that’s not really the problem.  I, like many today, suffer from attention deficit.  Not always willing to invest my hours to one book.

I have a new year’s resolution. 12 books. Starting with Let the Great World Spin. So, this will be a 365-Day Challenge.  Who’s with me?

5 thoughts on “12 books – 365 days

  1. Great idea, Laura. I would like to join you. I am working on Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Stout for book #1.

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