Day 26 of 30-Day Challenge

Today, Sammy had a visitor.  His cousin came over to play in the afternoon and stayed for dinner.  The two kids sat with Hubby to read dinosaur books together. So very adorable.

Day 26 – Reading time with cousin and daddy

After shower, Sammy and I read another dinosaur book.  He’s all about dinosaurs this week.  I’m getting quite bored with them – especially because I have difficulty pronouncing all their names.  Maybe Sammy felt bad for me – After the dinosaur book, he picked Winnie the Pooh’s alphabet book.  He’s getting quite good at recognizing letters.  Not so good yet about associating the letter with the sound… He’d say “W is for Pooh!” instead of “W is for Winnie the Pooh!”  But that’s okay. One step at a time.

Day 26 – My First Dinosaur Board Book




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