Day 25 of 30-Day Challenge

FINALLY!  We got to read a Barbie book!!!!

Day 25 – Barbie’s Pet Vet!

Yesterday at the library, Sammy spotted Barbie’s Pet Vet book. He asked me, “Can we get this book about doctors?”  And I said, of course, “Yes!” not because it was about doctors but because it had something other than dinosaurs, cars, trucks, and trains.

This morning, as he was eating breakfast, Sammy wanted to read this Barbie book so we did.  It’s really a terrible book.  Because it’s Step 1 in Step into Reading series, it has very few words and there really is no story or anything.  Still, Sammy enjoyed it and I enjoyed it if only because it was not about dinosaurs.

But of course once this book was done, he wanted to read a dinosaur book. So we did.  I guess this is the life I’m meant to have as my second child is also a boy. I’ll be living the boy-life with my three boys (including Hubby): cars, trucks, dinosaurs, trains, and football.


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