Day 23 of 30-Day Challenge

Another day of FAIL.  No books read today.  As soon as Sammy got home from daycare, Husband and I had to leave him with my mom for an evening out.

Day 23 – David Sedaris – “Congressman Yoo”
Day 23 – Not appropriate for children – David Sedaris

However, I have no regrets – I got to hear, meet, and talk to one of my favorite authors, David Sedaris!  We went to Strathmore Music Center for “An Evening with David Sedaris.”  He told a wonderful story about going to Korea and learning that Koreans eat the same food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  He went to the hotel buffet for breakfast and found eggs & bacon but also spaghetti among other non-breakfast items – hence his comment in my copy of Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk.

He signed books while eating P.F. Chang’s takeout.  Sedaris is someone who seems truly intrigued by other people’s experiences, feelings, and thoughts – and that must be how he gathers and writes such wonderfully funny stories – by asking people (sometimes strange) questions.  He asked me, “Laura, do you think it’s okay that I want to leave India when I get thirsty?” (he doesn’t like to “vacation” anywhere too long) and asked Frank, “Frank, what do you do?”  He suggested that we name our baby Congressman Yoo.  Perhaps we will.

It was a wonderful, grown-up evening…


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