Day 21 of 30-Day Challenge

It was a busy day. We had a lot to get done around the house, including decorating the baby’s room. Hubby put up curtains, installed a shelf, and did the wall decal in Baby Danny’s room. There were summer toys out on the deck that needed cleaning. Laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning. Sammy is a very good helper – sometimes too eager. Everything takes twice as long when Sammy wants to help… But it’s hard to say no when he so really wants to be helpful.

After dinner, Sammy picked Christmas is Coming to read with me. I guess it’s only fitting since we went Christmas decoration shopping yesterday and brought home two big nutcrackers. They are proudly standing by the fireplace.  In a few weeks we will put up the rest of our Chiristmas decorations, and I can’t wait!

Day 21 – Christmas is Coming!

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