Day 14 of 30-Day Challenge

After spending 30 minutes giving Mr. Potato Head a bath in his old baby tub, Sammy wanted to put Mr. Potato Head to bed for a nap time.  So he propped him up on a pillow and covered him with one of his own baby blankets.

Mr. Potato Head takes a nap

Then, we sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” for him.  Sammy insisted we had to read a book to Mr. Potato Head.  So, we read Mama and Me.

Day 14 – Mama and Me

After reading the book, Sammy pretended to turn off the light and made all of us – mommy and daddy too – leave Mr.Potato Head’s room (aka family room) so he could go sleep.   After nap, we all ate lunch together, even Mr. Potato Head.

In the meantime, I’ve started reading Goodbye for Now by Laurie Frankel.  I can’t put it down – it’s so engaging! I’ve been thinking about my own Dad as I’m reading it – if I could “RePose” with him, would I?  It’s seems so creepy and yet so astonishingly beautiful at the same time.  Of course, my dad did not really have an electronic identity since he didn’t Email, Google, Yahoo, Tweet, or Facebook.  He most certainly did not video chat – so that would make it not possible, I guess.

The little bit of irony here is also that I’m reading this book about the technological possibility of communicating with the dead (and a commentary on our electronic lives) in an actual hardcover book, not on my Kindle.  I’m hoping that Laurie will one day sign it for me.


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