Day 12 of 30-Day Challenge

Day 12 – The Alphabet Book

Today Sammy read two books to me!

First was The Alphabet Book by P.D. Eastman.  By “reading” I mean, of course, “guessing by looking at the pictures.”  Sammy did a good job for the most part… Except when he saw “E is for Elephant on Eggs” or “F is for Fox with Fish” he insisted on reading these as “E is for Elephant on Coconuts and “F is for Fox with Shark”.

But that’s okay.

Then he sat down and started “reading” Are You My Mother? by himself.  See the video below.  Get ready for ultimate cuteness!


One thought on “Day 12 of 30-Day Challenge

  1. Am loving reading your blog, Laura. Having 2 boys myself, it reminds me of how precious that time was with Zach before Ben was born! Now none of us can recall the time whe we were only 3, not 4 of us.
    Wish I had journaled more when the boys were little. The journaling I have is very special to us!

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