Day 11 of 30-Day Challenge

We finally got our copy of And Tango Makes Three in the mail today!  I really love this story.  For those who don’t know – it’s based on a true story about two boy penguins at Central Park Zoo who love each other (not interested in girl penguins) and raise a baby girl penguin named “Tango” – and together they make a family.  The emphasis is on the idea that families are families are families… no matter how we’re made up.

Day 11 – And Tango Makes Three

My mom was over at our house when the book came in the mail, and I told her about the book and how it’s been banned/challenged by concerned parents.  She asked, concerned: “So why did you get this book for Sammy?  What if he thinks two boys can make a family?”  My answer: “Mom, two boys can make a family.  Besides, Sammy’s going to meet friends who have different families – single parents, biracial parents, gay parents, adopted kids and so on – and I just want him to be aware of them and be accepting of them.”  It’s probably a good thing Sammy distracted us and we stopped the conversation at that point.

Needless to say, Sammy loved the story.  I mean, it’s about penguins : What’s not to like?


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