Day 10 of 30-Day Challenge

On Day 10 of the challenge, Sammy was sick.  I got a call from his daycare around 11 am that he had spiked a fever.  So I picked him up and we went home for a cuddle in front of the TV and a long afternoon nap.  By evening, he seemed better.  So we decided to read.

Day 10 – Dump Truck Dan

First book was the mandatory truck/car/train/dinosaur book – this one called Dump Truck Dan.  Then he brought me another book – this one a Korean nursery rhyme and song book!  He says, “This is my favorite and we never read it.”  Favorite?  What?  He’s never picked up this book before!  We chose a song in English – This Little Piggy – and sang the song as we counted on his toes. We did it 5 times in a row, and Sammy squealed in delight.  He loved it. And I loved it.  Then off he went to brush teeth and to bed with Daddy.

Day 10 – Nursery Rhymes and Songs (Korean and English)
day 10 – This Little Piggy

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