Day 9 of 30-Day Challenge

Today we visited Grandma after school (my mom) and when we got home, he wanted to watch Curious George on Netflix.  But when one of the characters in the show got angry, he got scared and wanted to turn it off.

Day 9 – Curious George and Dinosaur Discovery

This led to Sammy’s choice of reading Curious George.  He chose a story called “Curious George and Dinosaur Discovery” – of course.   In the story, George causes all kinds of trouble at a dinosaur dig but his blunders lead to a discovery of giant dinosaur bones.

I always wondered why Curious George’s friend does not have a name – he’s just called “the man in the yellow hat” or “George’s friend”.  Sammy has observed that “George does not talk”. and adds, “George just says ‘wee!’ and “oooh’. He’s so cute!”

Day 9 – Elmo’s 12 Days of Christmas

After reading this book, Sammy wanted to read – of all books – Elmo’s 12 Days of Christmas.  A bit early for Christmas books… but what the boy wants, the boy gets around here, guess.

We’re still waiting for our copy of And Tango Makes Three to arrive in the mail…


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