Day 5 of 30-Day Challenge

By the time we got home from a lovely Italian dinner at Aida, it was past 8 pm.  Sammy went straight to shower, and we read a Thomas and Friends book, The Blue Mountain Mystery, in bed.  It’s a story about a little train named Luke who is framed for something he didn’t do.  Eventually Thomas helps uncover the truth and Luke is “saved”.  It’s a nice story about the importance of friendship and finding out the truth.  The story ends with Mr. Topham Hatt saying, “What really happened is what really matters.”  Sammy’s questions during the reading were “What means platform?” and “What is a bend?”  He knows the story so well by now that he can tell me what the characters say on each page.  (I noticed that it’s the square trains – like Diesel and the “Troublesome Trucks” – that are often the villains, the bad guys, in the world of Thomas and Friends.  I guess there’s something to the saying “Don’t be square.”)

Day 5 – The Blue Mountain Mystery

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