Day 3 of 30-Day Challenge

Day 3 – Chuggington Look and Find

Today’s book of choice was the Chuggington Look & Find book.  There isn’t much to “read” in this book, but Sammy enjoys looking for the items in each picture.  He has completely outgrown this book – it’s way too easy for him.  We should probably get him some I-Spy books or Where’s Waldo books.  I always let Sammy pick the book, and as you can see he chooses these train, truck, and dinosaur books.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll suggest a book, something a bit more substantive.

I asked him what books he read at school today and he said, “I read The Family Book again. I like that book.”  So, I looked it up on Amazon and it looks like a wonderful book about different families.

This is Banned Books Week, and I just ordered And Tango Makes Three for Sammy.  It’s based on a true story about two male penguins who are “a little different” – they’re gay. And they adopt a baby.  Truly a modern family.

Go ahead – read something banned to your children.  Open their minds to our world that is rich and complex.

And while you are at it, read something banned for yourself too. Be naughty.  Pick up a copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, The Tropic of Cancer, or Naked Lunch.


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