knee jerk reaction + email = bad

Dear students,

Think before you write me an email. Stop and think.  Look in your folders.  Rummage through your backpack and flip through your papers. Check your grades carefully before you send me an angry and panic-stricken email.

Once you click that “send” button, it’s done.  Here’s the truth about emails: Often your word-choice will convey anger and frustration – and sometimes rudeness.  Even if you don’t think you’ve said anything “bad” and don’t use any “bad words,” trust me… your anger will show.  Emails are… magical in that way.

Think about the role that you play in any given situation.  See if there’s something you can resolve and figure out on your own that will save both of us frustration and “knee jerk reaction.” Because… when you send me an angry email, I will have a knee jerk reaction too.  I will be mad too. And that’s good for no one.

I’m just sayin’.



One thought on “knee jerk reaction + email = bad

  1. This is a skill that our students need to develop. Have you ever read Facebook posts between teens. Talk about “knee jerk reactions” and quick click sends.

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