fall back into reading… (instead of watching)

Finally… I got my hands on The Hunger Games Trilogy.  After hearing about the hype over these books, I finally decided to use my Barnes and Noble gift cards to buy the whole set (instead of buying the always-tempting Melissa and Doug toys for my 2 year old).  I’ve been staying up late reading the books – I’m almost finished with the second book and I just started the series last Friday!

The books are good, but what’s even better is this feeling – being absorbed into another world, turning the page with anticipation, wholly engrossed by the writer’s magic.  What will she do next?!

I miss reading. I don’t have a whole lot of time for it.  No, that’s a lie. I do have time. But the truth is that the free time that I have I want to turn on the TV, turn off my brain and just stare.  Of course, this is not very satisfying. I don’t necessarily feel rested after watching TV for a couple of hours and going to bed early.  There’s something dissatisfying about this weekday routine: wake up, drink coffee, prepare lunches, feed child, dress child, take child to daycare, work, pick up child, eat dinner, bathe child, put child to bed, watch TV, and go to sleep.  Of course my work is meaningful and raising a family is meaningful, but… reading is just for me.  ALL FOR ME.  (This must be why many of my mom friends – me included – stay up late surfing the web instead of going to bed… a little time to ourselves.)  Staying up late to read means I’m not getting as much sleep, but it makes me feel like my imagination and my thoughts are activated and I feel energized.  (I also like the feeling of knowing what’s going on when people rave about this series!)

Just another reminder that while there is a lot of good TV out there too, reading a good book beats it hands down.

So I’m off now to dive into the Capital, District 12, and the arena…


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