NPR junkie

I “discovered” NPR when I was in graduate school.  I can’t believe I lived so long without it. Now I can’t imagine living without it (and yes that’s why we do donate to our local station).  It’s fantastic how the things that my brain was just not wired to really understand – like science and economics/business stuff – make sense to me thanks to NPR’s programs. 

These programs often contribute teaching materials too.  When I taught Ethics in Literature, the class listened to Radio Lab’s episode called “Morality.”  We’ve used stories about work featured in the Storycorp series when writing about work.  When we talked about legalization of marijuana (which I vow to never do again), we listened to interviews from Science Friday. 

Okay, maybe if you are politically conservative, you will not agree with me.  But in general, in terms of art, culture, science, and life… it’s such a rich resource.  It’s the BEST few bucks a month we spend.


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