Bangkok series

Just read John Burdett’s second Bangkok series – Bangkok Tattoo – and I’m a little disappointed.  The first book – Bangkok 8 – was good, but something happens to the narrator in the second book.  He speaks directly to the reader – the “farang” – very often (makes me feel self-conscious as a reader) – and his attitude seems more cynical and less Buddhist.  This change in the narrator’s character was a bit of a turn off.  I’m hoping the third book – Bangkok Haunts – will be better.  Also, Kimberly Jones, the American character from the first book, returns.  She’s a character I’d like to know more about – her motives in the first book were unclear (how and why she falls for the narrator so quickly and so… hard was a mystery to me and I felt like I was missing something), so I didn’t really understand her character.


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