Who doesn’t love music?

Here’s the new assignment my composition students are working on.  Seriously, who doesn’t like music?  If you can’t find something you love to write about for this assignment… really I don’t know how to help you.


For this assignment, write a descriptive and informative essay about an issue in music and the music industry.  Be creative in choosing your topic – pursue something that is of interest to you! Here are some possible topics:

  • how a particular band/performer or genre of music influenced the American and/or world music scene 
  • politics and music
  • technology and music – think YouTube and iPod… how did they change the way we “consume” music?
  • music from another country
  • the business of music – for instance, why does a concert ticket cost an arm and a leg?
  • the value of music education
  • music therapy
  • music piracy – file sharing

Not matter what your topic, your essay must answer the big question, “so what?”  (In other words, your paper shouldn’t just be about how Justin Bieber is really great or how much you love Justin Bieber.  You could, however, write about why America seems to love Justin Bieber, and what our love of Justin Bieber says about our culture and new trends in the music industry.) 


You will be introduced to several electronic resources available through the library.  At least 1 of your 3 required sources must be obtained via the library’s electronic resources (to continue practicing our research skills using databases).  You may want to look into Academic OneFile for music journals (periodicals) or e-reference books like Encyclopedia of Popular Music or Oxford Companion to Music.  If and when you use Google for a web search, be sure to exercise discretion: consider the reliability and the credibility of your source.  (For instance, TMZ may not be the best source of information for an academic paper – unless you are looking for gossipy information.)


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