I love working one-on-one with students.  It is one of the most effective ways to teach writing.  Today, instead of holding a regular class session, I invited my intro to lit students to come to my office for one-on-one conferences about their first essay.  While only about half of them showed up, it was nice to sit down and talk to students individually.  A couple of shy students who rarely speak up in class opened up – and they had a chance to share their really brilliant ideas with me. 

One student told me about this “epic” story he’s working on, which was totally irrelevant to our class.  I had to gently dissuade him from pursuing this enormous project he dreamt up.  Still, I praised him for his creativity and said he should definitely take a creative writing class next semester.  Then, he told me about his interests in computers and gaming, which ties in with storytelling.  Still I think he left feeling good about himself and with an idea for the paper that would be suitable for this particular assignment.  Sometimes I have to bring the students down to reality, all the while being careful not to crush their dreams…

Working in a class of 24 students, which I realize is not very large relatively speaking, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of individual students.  It was nice to get to know the students a bit better and give them individual attention.  I wish we could spend more time doing this…


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