new beginning every 15 weeks…

I do have to admit… I love this job of teaching at a college because I get to rethink, review, and retry everything every 15 weeks.  No matter how terrible a semester may be, I’m comforted by the idea that this, too, shall pass.  I can redeem myself next semester.  I will fix it next semester.  I will do better next semester. 

So what are the lessons I learned from last semester? 

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Seriously. Cut the cord.

2. Slow down.  I always cram too much into the course calendar, there’s no breathing room. 

3. Prep ahead.  Although I sit down to prep my whole semester out before it begins, for some reason I always find myself preparing for class the day before!  (This makes me feel a little like my procrastinating students…)

4. Expect more from your students.  They will rise to the occasion.

5. Spend more time and energy on talking about writing skills and demonstrating techniques.


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