end-of-semester angry emails

Well, it wouldn’t be the end of a semester without at least one rude, angry email from a student.  I don’t get many, but at least one is customary it seems.

(image from blogs.dallasobserver.com)

“I’m really upset that I got a C in your class,” the email started (without a Dear… or Hi…).  It ended with “I want to know what I got on my last essay and why” (without “Thank you”). 

Emails like this remind me of one strange fact: Many students think that a class experience or a grade is about “us versus them.”  No matter what I tell them, they think I’m the enemy – the evil bitch standing between them and their awesome grades that they’d otherwise achieve.  They think that teachers don’t want them to get good grades, that we’re out to get them, that we  don’t want them to succeed!  No it can’t be that.  They wouldn’t/couldn’t possibly believe THAT!  I know what it is: Some students see the “grade” as something arbitrary, something based on “effort,” something that they are entitled to. 

Students (and people in general really) who also send such emails seem to lack emotional intelligence, not to mention basic manners.  (If you are a student reading this post, please think about what it is you effectively wish to achieve when you send an email to your professor.  Is it really just to show them just how pissed off you are?  No. There’s something else you want, right?  Then think about how you might best achieve that… it certainly isn’t by sending a rude email…)

I really want to put the semester behind me and move onto my holidays celebrations. But no!  That is not to be.  I must go back to campus and deal with “end of semester angry emails.”


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