why don’t they finish?

In a class of 22 students, six student did not submit their final essay, which makes up 30 percent of the course grade.  Two of these students were lost cause – they stopped coming to class long time ago.  Still, the other four… what happened to them?  These four had been struggling a bit towards the end of the semester – three of the four submitted their previous paper very late.  Still, they had been coming to class… and they had been, for the most part, responsible students.

Sometimes family situations arise – this seems to be more common for some of our community college students who live at home and deal with home, work, and family issues while going to school.  But if such things happen, I’d expect them to contact me and ask for more time.  (One student in another class did just that… and we worked out a new deadline for her.)

When I don’t hear from them at all… that’s when I’m at a loss.  What happened?  That’s what I keep asking myself.   I just don’t know.


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