second chance for cheaters

Of course many students will say that the school and the professor are over-reacting.  They will say that everyone cheats: What’s the big deal?  Also, rather in a cliche way, many students will say that people cheat in the real world.  But this is about more than an individual student’s choice to cheat in school.  This is about our society, our culture.  We cannot let cheating go unnoticed or unpunished when it is observed.  I’m glad that this professor and the university are making a “big stink” about it.  Watch ABC News reporting on this issue.  One UCF’s student responds, “This is college. Everyone cheats. Everyone cheats in life in general. I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in this testing lab who hasn’t cheated on an exam. They’re making a witch hunt out of absolutely nothing, as if they want to teach us some kind of moral lesson.”  What’s wrong with a moral lesson?  While some people might consider “moral lesson” something to be taught by our church leaders or parents, academic integrity and professonal ethics are legitimate concerns of universities and colleges.  Let’s just hope that the ethics seminar required for the confessing cheaters will be of some use…

One thought on “second chance for cheaters

  1. I absolutely love what you are doing with this blog – that is of course from what I’ve seen. It is so refreshing to read good writing; moreover, especially when the writing has so much to offer as yours did. I am also from the education system albeit on sabbatical at present.

    You are spot on with your assessment vis-a-vie college students and cheating. Actually, I believe that this professor has indeed far more than one-third insofar as his data does not include those who cheated a little, or only ‘partially’ cheated. Most of that kind of information does not show up in the data.

    Sure I have a problem with it! As evidenced by the ABC News interview you mentioned, although “everyone cheats…and everyone does it…” does not make it any more acceptable or right to engage in the activity.

    We do have a distinct problem within our society and on a larger scale our culture inasmuch as the notion of cheating is rampant, and unfortunately tolerated and in most instances accepted.

    Perhaps I will take a bit of time and write to the university expressing my praise for what these individuals are doing. In the long run however, as long as this rubbish continues within the very government of our nation this contagion must be taught within the home.

    Enjoyed my visit and thank you for the inspiration. Cheers!


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