Emma Donoghue’s ROOM

Emma Donoghue's ROOM (image from dreamstuffbooks.com)

This book took me by surprise.  It’s disturbing and the creepy level is way high.  Still, it’s magical how Donoghue is able to infuse humor into such a horrible situation.  I guess the trick was writing the whole thing in the perspective of a five year old boy.  Of course, there are a few places where we might wonder “Is that what a 5 year old would do, say, or think?”  Still, I think those moments are few and you get over it quickly.  Because the novel’s focus is on the emotional experience of the characters, sometimes the logistics (which at times may seem unbelievable or incredible) of the plot can be overlooked.  Donoghue (or Jack) had me hooked from beginning to end.  The book may come across as too-close-for-comfort for people who have children, because what each of us brings to the book shapes the reading experience.  It’s a really great read.


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